CHIA HSIN RESINS was established in 1986. In early years, our products were mainly the adhesive resins for wood working including urea resin, melamine resin, phenolic resin, and polyvinyl acetate resin. Over the past decade we gradually expanded to other products including waterproof coatings for building roof, epoxy coating for indoor floor, and UV curable coatings for wood working and paper varnish. In 1994, we established a sub-plant in south Vietnam and now CHIA HSIN is one of the largest suppliers for adhesive products. Our flexible approach to engineering, problem solving and development of processes make us an ideal partner for your applications.

Anti-Leak Glue, Moisture Cured Glue, Correction Fluid

CHIA HSIN RESINS CO., LTD. ’s mission is to deliver outstanding anti-leak glue, moisture cured glue with such a gratifying experience that our customers become our best advocates. Our products are highly accepted in domestic and international markets, due to their high efficiency and reliability. We fulfil the demands of the Taiwan market as well as of the overseas market, especially the Taiwan market. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a reliable correction fluid manufacturer.


Features :

Description Code Viscosity (30℃) S.C. Applications
Formaldehyde Releaser --- 6~10 cps   Special amine compounds that strongly release formaldehyde.
Correction Fluid (For Pen) --- 30 ~ 50 cps/25℃   Correction fluid for stationery.
Correction Fluid (For Brush) --- 60 ~ 100 cps/25℃  
Anti-Leak Glue 1150 600 ~ 1000 cps 53 ± 2% Prevent the glue passes through wood veneer after heat pressing and leave black stain.
Moisture Cured Glue CH-606 300 ~ 500 cps 93 ± 2% Very good bonding especially for moisture and oiled wood, or honeycomb board.
Moisture Cured Glue CH-606DW 10000 ~ 20000 cps 93 ± 2%

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CHIA HSIN RESINS CO., LTD. is a well-established and highly respected Taiwan anti-leak glue manufacturer with a global reputation for excellence in product design, quality, reliability and the highest levels of customer service. In order to meet the needs of customers, CHIA HSIN RESINS CO., LTD. expanded our product lines and services to include master distribution agreements with some of the leading manufacturers of speciality moisture cured glue, correction fluid and related products. Keeping in mind the importance of clients' time, we make sure that our products are delivered to them within the promises time-period.