CHIA HSIN RESINS was established in 1986. In early years, our products were mainly the adhesive resins for wood working including urea resin, melamine resin, phenolic resin, and polyvinyl acetate resin. Over the past decade we gradually expanded to other products including waterproof coatings for building roof, epoxy coating for indoor floor, and UV curable coatings for wood working and paper varnish. In 1994, we established a sub-plant in south Vietnam and now CHIA HSIN is one of the largest suppliers for adhesive products. Our flexible approach to engineering, problem solving and development of processes make us an ideal partner for your applications.

Urea Resin Glue

CHIA HSIN RESINS CO., LTD. ’s urea resin glue, and urea glue are currently one of the most advanced urea resin available on the world market and will provide the best product ratio between quality-price. We have appointed a team of highly skilled, experienced and qualified experts in order to effectively handle and maintain our warehousing unit in the most organized manner. Also, our reputation as a provider of solutions for high performance applications keeps us focused to design innovative and efficient machines to meet our clients' challenges. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a reliable urea glue manufacturer.

Urea Glue (Urea Resin)

Urea glue is also known as urea-formaldehyde (UF) resin. It is a thermosetting resin or plastic, made from urea and formaldehyde heated in the presence of a base.

High bonging strength, fast curing, good operating performance, and low cost. It is a colorless transparent or milky white liquid, with good water resistance, heat and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for wood products such as particleboard, plywood, wood panels, fiberboard. Urea glue has become the world largest amount of adhesive being used in wood industry, especially in the wood processing industry in the manufacturer of various wood-based panels.

Since 1986, CHIA HSIN RESINS CO., LTD. has been a leading provider of personalized urea resin glue, urea resin, urea glue direct to the consumer. We are an expert company that has gotten a seal of approval for the past 30 years. Our technicians and representatives are committed to providing the best urea resin glue, urea resin, urea glue services to the population that we serve for years to come. No matter you are looking for manufacturer for new products or new manufacturer for current products, we are willing to provide samples for you to test.