About Us

Company Profile

We are a professional manufacturer in various types of adhesive and coating products. Now CHIA HSIN is one of the largest suppliers for adhesive products.

Three business divisions:

1) Adhesives and Resins:
Main applications include plywood adhesion, epoxy adhesive, epoxy sealant and potting resin, hardware adhesion, super strong adhesive, paper tube adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, dipping resin for polishing sandpaper, styrofoam molds, electric bulbs processing resin, and adhesive hardener.

2) Building Coatings:
Waterproof coatings for roofs, exterior walls and bathroom. Epoxy coatings for indoor floor.
**Waterproofing Constructions: Not only we produce the waterproofing materials, we also own a professional team to do the waterproofing and epoxy floor constructions.

3) UV Curable Coatings:
For applications including woodworking, paper varnish and paper screen varnish.

With 30 years of manufacturing experiences and good reputation in the market, plus our flexible approach to engineering, problem solving and development of processes make CHIA HSIN an ideal partner for your applications.

Main Product

Main Product:

  • Adhesive

  • ResinUrea ResinPhenolic ResinEpoxy Resin 

  • Waterproof Coatings , Waterproofing,

  • UV Wood Coatings, UV Paper Varnish, UV Screen Paper Varnish

  • Melamine Resin, Polyvinyl Acetate Resin

  • Alcohol Glue, AB Glue, Epoxy AB Glue, Low Free Formaldehyde, Low Free Formaldehyde Urea Resin

  • Super Glue, Hardener, Formaldehyde Remover, Liquid Paper, Wet Type Adhesive

  • Anti-Penetration Wood Adhesive, Wood Adhesion, Styrofoam Adhesive, Epoxy Floor Construction

  • Building Coatings, Indoor Paint

  • Acrylic Waterproofing Coating, Water Bourne Coating, Waterproofing, Ultraviolet

  • UV Curable Coatings, UV Wood Base Coatings, UV Wood Top Coatings, UV Wood Sealer, UV Wood Filler, UV Paper Varnish, Adhesive for UV Paper Varnish, UV Curing Energy